Orbitarium Pack T-Shirts [Stages 1, 2 & 3], Black / Glow In The Dark

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Enter the Orbitarium, where daydreams are engineered into trajectoire. A special edition vacuum sealed 3-pack of our collection of glow in the dark, organic cotton tees - Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3.

Stage 1: Gravity Turn
Theoretical principles fine-tuned and oriented for practice. Destination proposed yet pathway unsure. Atmosphere uncharted, but elementally understood. Like swirling shadows taking form in the dark, the “Can” and “Cant’s” become deconstructive diction of the past; this is where you blueprint the “How”. How to bend the realm of the unimaginable with a forward leaning finesse and tap into the stabilized support of zero lift. Maintaining a low angle of attack during initial ascent, prepare your optimization strategy with all senses on heightened alert.

Stage 2: Galactic Surf
The art of turning tension into traction. An interstellar tune of true creation - making something out of nothing. As opposing force swells up around you, you channel it as fuel for propulsion. The very thing that seems poised to keep you from achieving progress becomes the platform for successfully lifting your trajectory into the positive. All reactive norms and physical principles of relativity are now null; you set your rail into orbit and sail in unadulterated flight until you approach the gravitational pull of your destination.

Stage 3: Welcome To The Wake
Never quite what one would expect from a destination of promise and prestige; the entire landscape a nostalgic dream of an unfamiliar place. Everything is different now, as if nothing was ever what it even seemed to be. Suddenly the weight of gravity feels less potent, the frictive forces beneath you are liberating, the unknown is beautifully inviting...the darkness and open space welcoming...you see everything for what it is. You’ve foregone your mission and found truth in relativity…observe, participate, report, or be served...each a path to be taken, but which is yours? Just when things seemed the most familiar, they’ve never felt so foreign and removed. An existentialist fall out. Welcome to the Wake.

- Includes three t-shirts––Stage 1: Gravity Turn, Stage 2: Galactic Surf, and Stage 3: Welcome to the Wake
- 3-pack pricing reflects a 15% discount off the full retail value
- 100% organic cotton
- Fair Trade Certified
- Relaxed fit, sturdy construction
- Medium weight jersey knit
- Soft, ring-spun, combed cotton
- Double-needle stitching
- Union Made in India
- Screen printed in California

Chest 19.75" 21.5" 23.25" 24.25"
Length 26.25" 29.25" 29.75" 30.5"
Shoulders 18.25" 19.5" 21.25" 22.25"
Sleeve 7.25" 8" 8.5" 9"



Our t-shirts are sustainably manufactured using 100% organic cotton — grown without the use of GMOs, toxic pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. Organic cotton is farmed using environmentally friendly processes that support farmers and ensure the health and well-being of the soil and surrounding wildlife.


Fair Trade Certification indicates safe, healthy, and progressive working conditions for farmers and factory workers. Fair Trade ensures fair wages and benefits for workers; no child labor; favorable health and safety standards; the right to form trade unions; and equal rights and representation for women.

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