Sustainable Production

From eco-friendly farming and healthy working conditions, to biodegradable packaging materials, we strive for social and environmental sustainability in all that we do.

Learn more about our sustainable production practices:

Our garments are sustainably manufactured using 100% organic cotton––grown without the use of GMOs, chemical fertilizers, toxic pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides. We pride ourselves on working with production partners that recognize the harm these conventional substances cause to farm workers, soil, wildlife ecosystems, and ultimately, end customers.

We care about the planet and are always working to find ways to support a better future for the natural world. Organic cotton is farmed using ecologically conscious processes that lessen the impact on our environment. The farmers we source from employ holistic agricultural systems that replenish and maintain soil fertility, preserve surrounding wildlife, conserve water, and build rich biodiversity.

The factories and mills we partner with in India to produce our cut and sew organic cotton garments are Fair Trade Certified––which indicates safe, healthy, and progressive working conditions for farmers and factory employees. Fair Trade ensures fair wages and benefits; no child labor; favorable health and safety standards; the right to form trade unions; and equal rights and representation for women. Workers at our partner facilities are indeed unionized and also receive healthcare benefits, transportation assistance, and funding for their childrens’ education.

We believe in respectable working conditions and responsible business practices that help build community rather than exploit work. We pay a fair price for our raw materials and garment production, which in turn allows our partner organizations to make their agricultural and manufacturing systems more sustainable - socially, economically, and environmentally.