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Dusk captures the best of California's purple evening landscapes, from hazy coastal mountains to expansive alluvial fans in the desert. Dusty tones of violet with washed out notes of deep lavender––soft, approachable, and particularly charming.


Warm minerality backed by deep tones of earthen clay; the beauty of Ochre is in its complex composition. Inspired by the oldest known earth pigment used by humankind, this is a new take on one of the planet’s most expressive natural resources.

Washed Black

A carefully considered rendition of a classic––this soft, washed black is inspired by our favorite worn-in sportswear. Familiar, friendly, and timeless.


Earth finds us where we are; organic, capable, reassuring. This is a neutral, lithospheric hue that exudes a deep sense of balance, inspired by woody spices and soft sensations of cacao.


A deep, earthy yellow that represents a bigger picture. Connection. Inspired by nature's expressive medley of trees and shrubs, Populus keeps things grounded while brimming with radiant energy.


Evergreen resourcefulness; aromatic, refreshing, courageous. Pine evokes a spirit of steadfast ambition, forever standing in its truth yet never imposing on others.

Shadow Purple

An allegorical hue that references earthen deposits of iron-oxide Ocher clay from Lori, Armenia and cooling tones of African Amethyst. Shadow Purple’s deep set expression is mysterious, charming, and a bit elusive.


An iron-rich clayform colorway that draws us in with its depth and saturation. Like a ceramic vessel taking shape under the hands of a potter, Terracotta comes alive with the rhythm of the wearer’s movement.


Organic cotton in its natural, un-dyed hue. A soft, earthy off-white that reminds us to take time and enjoy the simple things in life.


A sedimentary hue composed of muted greens and lightly washed blues; an organic tapestry of fossilized seashells and algal debris. Limestone is a marine inspired colorway that is as versatile as its namesake.

Sea Salt

A saturation of briny minerality, gentle tropical blues, and a touch of coastal breeze. We love how full profile this color is while still expressing a washed out feel––the perfect blend of land and sea.


A symbiosis of algae and fungi—we pay a hue of homage to a complex partnership that is one of nature's most interesting organisms. Lichens are found in a range of environments from arctic tundra and volcanic rock to towering redwoods. Similarly, this colorway can thrive everywhere, adapting to a large palette of pairings.

Washed Grey

Poured concrete with a spirit of béton brut. A simple grey washed with a retrofuturist haze that elegantly toes the line between modern and classic.


An ambient dance of stony blues and greys, rolling softly along the surface of an alpine lake. Ephemeral dispersion. Mist wears easily as it refreshes the senses.

Bab Blue

Bab Blue is inspired by an archival family garment. Co-founder Vicken’s pops - or “Bab,” as V and his siblings call him - wore a blue mock neck sweatshirt around the house since what seems like the beginning of time. Everything from working on the house, doing chores, running errands, wrenching on cars…you name it, the blue sweatshirt was involved (and has the paint splatters and grease stains to prove it). We dug into the backstory of this famed sweatshirt and found that Bab had originally bought it in 1986 for an overnight camping trip in Yosemite. Paying homage to the original, we worked with our local dye house to recreate the color in its truest tone. Splatters and stains not included––those are earned, not given ;)