Airbrushed Souvenir Hoodie #2, Ash Heather

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Breaking through to clearer days, the current guides toward sun-kissed horizons and a rosy-fingered dawn. Light and refreshing, crisp morning hues; colors that radiate with an energizing glow.

South of worries...through streams of uncertainty, routing rapid rhythms—going Forward. Steady rowing sets the pace. A clear course ahead; a path of emptiness leading to boundless treasures.

Golden rays, indigo haze, and a purple wash blend the surroundings effortlessly. The pastels soft and fluffy…fresh billows of air…sunlight gently dancing across the surface of the water…

The clouds open into wisdoms of the expanded mind—the unfolding is rapturously charismatic. Dharmic balance. Right place. Right time. Here.

- 50% cotton / 50% polyester
- 9 oz fabric
- Relaxed fit, sturdy construction
- Slight drop shoulder
- Union Made in USA
- Each hoodie is expertly airbrushed in Austin, TX 


Chest 20" 22" 24" 26"
Length 27" 27.75" 28.5" 29"
Shoulders 21.75" 22.75" 23.75" 24.75"
Sleeve 24" 24.75" 25.25" 25.5"

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