Posted on December 28 2017

wow. I love those magic moments when the whole world is just style. Everywhere you look, style! And so unintentional, yet super dynamic in continuity. The only way I can kind of explain it is maybe like just finding yourself all of a sudden, immediately and intensely, submerged in an aesthetic overdose. But without the build up or come-down, Just a moment of full on, continuous climax. All the stars aligned lol, a celestial hot spot.
--the feign trotting up the bloc, striking up the sidewalk in the aqua blue skinny jeans with the zippers all over, kinda a waxy grime texture to the denim;super well worn. Big Black Boots, cowboy style, the overt contrast to the slimness of the jeans makes them almost perfect (kinda the same contrast the triple sole creates next to a slim leg). A tightly weaved, wide brimmed ranch hat, worn-in white with gold accents. Basic T-shirt, the color forgettable. Then you notice the blue zip up sweater along for the ride, like Linus's blanket. The white block letters on the sleeve dragging along the pavement to the same rhyme as the walker's stylish stalk. Then with one quick motion, like he heard Petey Pablo tell him to Raise Upthe jacket is up in the air, helicopter swinging like a banner of frustrated celebration. Yeah, it really went that far haha
--the lady on the bike, bruin blue sweat shorts, oversized pumpkin orange T-shirt with some cartoonish graphic across the front. Her expression like a slightly softer version of all three of the Gross Sisters' faces in one. Pedaling the baby blue beach cruiser up the street against the flow of traffic; big body business. Auburn hair braided into tight singles, flowing a nice flame next to her deep bronzed-mocha tone;shorty looked a little rough - but attractively so
--then there was the pair crossing the street: A woman with the short messy hair, super Edward Scissorhand style, definitely black, jet black. Black cardigan cape flowing, open and draped slightly down one shoulder. Black knee-length cargo shorts with a slightly slim fit. Chunky black sneakers with the mid-range platform sole. Just completely stellar. Then the white tube socks; tall with with two horizontal stripes, one burnt red and the other a faded royal blue. Walking across with a wavy gait, heavy to the left step. The other part to the pair was a young child maybe 4 or 5 years old. Everything briiiight; fuchsia shorts, multicolored striped shirt , shoulder length brown bob cut and pink shades on. Stuntin' on galactic rainbow. Trotting along, next to her older companion. 
--a lot of casual norm-core cats on the scene too; The Sims
--A construction team: one dude in a super bright construction-green coat, striped with reflective yellow highlights on the torso that were fashioned like a box frame. Two stripes running parallel across the chest, two across the waist line as well, then two down the chest running vertical, one up and down stripe on each side of the zipper going up the length of the coat. What a banger! Then the orange T hanging out from beneath the jacket. Flame. -->Another dude, in a fully blank orange sweater and heavy duck cargo utility pants, brilliantly underdone. -->the next guy has a green vest bright with the two orange stripes vertical down the front, white short sleeve T-shirt which is crazy cause it's type cold outside, lol, but apparently not to this guy. 
--The sun hits over the skyline perfectly, showing off a nice outline and layering of downtown buildings and infrastructure. That Good Lighting.
The Town Moves
Streets Connect
People Pass; Coming and Going

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